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For Immediate Release
April 30, 2009

Real Estate & Construction Review Announce James R. Thompson As a Green Building of America Award Winner

Southfield, MI — The Real Estate & Construction Review’s editorial board is currently reviewing the nation’s outstanding new “green” projects. Owners, consultants, architects and general contractors have submitted the top LEED® projects to be considered for a Green Building of America Award. Selected projects have been chosen, and will be published five regional editions of Real Estate & Construction Review’s Success Stories-Green Edition both in print and online The publication will also include feature articles provided by major consultants throughout the country, in-depth case studies of the best new green projects, as well as information about project team members, consultants, subcontractors and vendors that contributed to the projects’ success.

The Green Building of America Plaque of Honor will be delivered to the owner, architect and general contractor. The award names and honors the project managers and owners for their  contributions in helping to design and build one of the regions most important, innovative or unique new construction or renovations projects. The companies receiving the award have designed and built facilities that will better our world. We are recognizing architects and general contractors for all of their work in the areas of sustainable design and construction, rather than individual projects. Each Green Building of America Award winner has also provided the panel at Construction Communications with the names of the team members they believed where the most innovative, reliable and capable within their service or product categories.

The goal of Construction Communications’ The Building of America Green Award is to publicize and showcase team members that contribute to helping our environment.

Through its publications and online search engine, Construction Communications (publisher of the Real Estate & Construction Review) is building a network of the nation’s most important, innovative and unique projects, owners, consultants, project team members, subcontractors and suppliers to help connect those responsible for building America’s future.

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